Sponsor since 4-06-2019

Atelier Luna is located in the center of Nijmegen on the Tweede Walstraat close to the main shopping street.

The owner Eefje is a very creative soul with fabulous ideas and a gifted talent. She gives numerous workshops to groups of adults or children. And due to the small and dedicated team every single workshop has a very personal touch. It is all in all an incredible experience and the time flies by.

There are numerous options and activities to choose from such as making your own jewelry, mosaic, designing and decorating your own tea box and decorating your own flip flops just to name a few examples. A very nice way to spend an afternoon with friends, a hen party or a birthday party for instance.

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Also for special occasions, Atelier Luna is a wonderful option. There are special baby shower and wedding workshops which ensure you and your group to have an unforgettable day together with memories forever and a tangible souvenir to take home as a gift.

There is, however, also a business option for you to have fun with colleagues in a business setting. Activities are for example action painting which is a group activity and up to 15 people can join.

Especially for our trip, Atelier Luna has pulled everything out of the closet to decorate Pablo on this global fundraising trip. It will be a surprise what Pablo will look like, but he will be decorated in style. Also, Atelier Luna will adapt Pablo's interior to give more loading space.

We are very happy to be able to add Atelier Luna to our sponsor list. What an amazing and creative company!

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