Living in the Vondelparadise for over 2 years now, it was time for an adventure

Mongol Rally of 2019 here we come !  #MR2019

But first, some background info on this dynamic duo..

Saskia is working as an Digital Marketing Manager at Veco Precision and responsible for the global marketing strategy. She manages a team of specialists to make the plans come together. Veco Precision is a manufacturing company specialized in precision engineering. If it's micro precision, they get excited! She is a busy lady and always up for a party with never a dull moment. Apart from ’work’, she also likes to travel and has been in more countries than most people have been in a lifetime. Some words describing her would be down-to-earth, practicality goes a long way, anything-goes and a think-outside-the-box-mentality that will pull this team to Ulan Ude.

Bas is a judo teacher at a various schools in and just outside of Nijmegen for Judo Club Tomoda. He teaches all kinds of classes to children, students, teenagers and children with a disability. He loves giving children courage by showing them what is possible. Besides this inspiring job he also works as an after school day carer for young children at BSO Wijs!. It is an outdoor day care set up where he is capable of teaching children how to start a fire and build DIY outdoor survival necessities. Essential skills to take on board the rally! Besides this he is extremely rationals and has quick problem solving skills and outstanding craftmanship which will come in handy during this adventure.

Our last team member is Pablo Renault, our trusty crystal-white, no rust Renault 5 who will carry us wherever we steer him. He is the youngest team member (beating Bas by 4 months) and is extremely eager to show his stuff. During the run up to the rally we will be upgrading him and refurbishing him to be in mint condition!