Love at first sight! Yes, that is how you can describe the very first time I saw #Baskia - cycling past. How very Dutch to encounter the love of your life on bike.

After 33 loyal years as a car on the side, which at best was used for short trips to the shops for groceries by granny. The time had come to stand on my own wheels. Freshly welded, refurbished and upgraded with a new super-deluxe soundystem it couldn't go wrong! This powercouple was clearly on a mission: I had to say goodbye and shake off my virgin-white shining armour and had to run in my full-profile wheels to the max. No tread would be left on my tires and they would be driven to become totally smooth.

Ok, there was a connection from the beginning but the real relationship test was only just starting. I drive Saskia to work every day and I take Bas to football or judo matches in the evening and at weekends. Besides this, I also make little trips to Wales or Italy for short holidays. As you can see, this powercouple really puts me to the test. Despite the fact that I can't drive very fast and I really don't like the cold they take very good care of me. It's giving and taking in a relationship, as everyone knows.

And what about Mongolia? Yes, I look forward to that trip; although there still is a lot that needs to be done concerning the preparations. A new jacket, extra tools and equipment, spare parts and an internal bed will all be added to my already infamous, spacious five-seater interior. These preparations are planned and ongoing and I and #Baskia are looking forward to the adventure that awaits us!

If anybody is interested in the history of this very stylish classic car, then this video below is very interesting

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