Sponsor since 29-04-2019

BBT Autoschade is the best allround repair, pimp and tuning garage we have worked with. Exactly what Pablo needs.

The owner Berry has helped us a lot throughout the run up to the rally. He has helped us get Pablo into ship shape and has given us the confidence to drive and repair Pablo ourselves.

There was however one special occasion where BBT Autoschade gave us the help and support we needed when things felt very bad.

At the end of 2018 Pablo was involved in a car accident where another car that was not paying attention crashed into him from behind. The result was that his whole rear bumper and side panel were smashed. The frame was even displaced and we were in dire need of the best care possible

BBT Autoschade came to the rescue and patched Pablo up as good as new.

We would recommend BBT Autoschade to anyone in the Breda area of The Netherlands who is in need of mechanical assistance, paint jobs or repairs for their car. He is not limited to a certain brand of car. Any car is welcome.

We are really glad to have BBT Autoschade as one of our sponsors and are sure Berry will be one of the last people to see Pablo before we leave for the launch in July.

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