Published on 18-07-2019

When we finally thought our troubles were over along came a new fright. Well, actually 2 new frights. But let's start with the first one:

Russian Visa

After handing our pasports in at the Russian embassy in person all felt extremely well. How wrong we could have been.

When Bas went to pick up the passports one was missing and his was mislaid! Turns out that my passport turned up at visa agency KES while we had not done the passports through them. Very strange.

Turmenistan LOI

After months of waiting we finally received our LOI about 2 days prior to our personal launch. However, Bas his LOI was not in his name. It said Tom Lammerts.... as you can see below..

logo CE

This is not something that is giving us a very restful time. So numerous phonecalls were made to the rally organisation and finally it was sorted. The LOI was amended and Bas will be able to enter Turkmenistan... Let the adventure begin!