Published on 28-06-2019

So after dropping off our passports at the Russian Embassy we were so relieved that the visa issues seem to have been resolved we weren't expecting new disaster just quite so quickly.

We had parked right in front of the embassy and seeing as it was The Hague, the space was very tight. Bas has shown off some serious parking skills to maneuver Pablo into the tight spot - with success! And with a very satisfied disposition we went into the embassy.

Leaving the parking space was a different story. To be able to steer back onto the road, the wheel had to do a 360. Which in usual circumstances would be an easy task. Now, however, it completely broke the right drive shaft and left us rolling on the road with minimal steering capabilities and no power whatsoever. An additional heartbreaking and terrible noise could be felt right into our bones. Just at that moment a tram was coming behind us and we were quite in trouble! A car that had just overtaken us saw us struggle and jumped out of his car and started pushing Pablo with Bas onto the pavement out of danger.

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We next examined Pablo and saw that a beam was hanging under the motor that seemed to have been attached before. Bad news. Quick emergeny call to our friends at the ANWB (Dutch vehicle support service). After a while a friendly ANWB mechanic showed up. Took a look and told us that we could not drive until it was fixed and started phoning around for spare parts. In the meantime we contacted our garaga ARTVO to tell the news. Sad thing was that the next day we were to have a routine check up there.

After numerous phone calls, checks, references and effort it seems that Lady Luck was on our side! A garage had the needed spare part in their stock and would deliver it at the ANWB service center at 15:00 'o clock that day! A truck would be round shortly to pick Pablo up and drop him and Saskia off at the service center. Bas took public transport to work.

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When the truck arrived, Pablo got on almost immediatly! He was very eager to get fixed and rushed on the truck. The driver, Jan, was extremely nice and we had a really nice drive to the service center. Service by the ANWB is with a capital S by the way! When we arrived at the service center everyone was extremely helpfull and nice. Pablo was taken off the truck and was able to enjoy the sun until the spare part arrived at 15:00 'o clock on the dot! The mechanics went to work straight away.

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A friend of the family, Mark, was in the neighbourhoud and decided come round for a coffee at the ANWB Service center. It was great catching up with him and if anyone wants a movie suggestion - Pink Flamingo is a must for everyone loving strange cult movies!

With Mark, the time flew by and before we knew it the mechanics had already fixed Pablo and it was possible to drive again! Ooraaah! Sadly it was too late for Saskia to drive to work seeing as it was already 16:15 'o clock and it would be a 1,5 hours drive to work. So Pablo and Saskia packed up and joined the evening rush hour home. Just before leaving Saskia was able to make two pictures of the broken parts. logo CE

This part should not be like this:

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